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Meet Mikaela, Talent Development Specialist

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Who better to hear from about what it's like to work at Dunkin' Brands than from actual Dunkin' Brands employees? We recently chatted (over a cup of coffee, of course) with Talent Development Specialist Mikaela to hear more about her Dunkin' experience and her role on the Dunkin' Brands' Human Resources Team. 


Q: We'll start with probably the most important question: What are you drinkin’ & what are you scoopin'? 

A: I'm drinkin' an Iced Butter Pecan Swirl (my favorite!). As for what I'm scoopin', I like sampling different ice cream flavors when I go to the dipping cabinet in our lobby, but if I have to choose one, I'm scooping Mom's Makin' Cookies.

Q: When did you know you made the right decision to work at Dunkin’ Brands?

A: For me, I knew I had to apply as soon as I started reading the job description and more about the company and its culture. I felt like the role and company was a perfect fit for me. When I interviewed, I was so impressed by the caliber of people I met with. They were all intelligent, kind, and fun. The culture that was touted on the website was exactly what I experienced when I came in. Choosing to join Dunkin’ Brands after that experience was a no brainer for me. From the phone calls and texts I received from my manager before I started, to the welcome hug she gave me on my first day, to the support and education I continue to receive from my colleagues, to the fun we all have together, I know I made the right choice, and I look forward to my future here.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: My role is all about ensuring our employees have the tools and resources to own their professional development. Whether it’s getting them up and running on day one in our HR orientation, diving deeper into what our organization does in our 3-day New Employee Orientation, connecting employees with the great external partners we have, or hosting a full day of workshops dedicated to development for employees, I am helping to set our employees up for success.  

Q: In your own words, describe #dunkinbrandslife?

A: Working at Dunkin’ Brands is truly a fun experience. Everyone will tell you about the free ice cream, coffee, donuts, lobby events, and early release Fridays, but it’s much more than that. The work is exciting and rewarding (even in HR). I’m involved in projects that will make a difference in our employees' lives, and the questions I ask and opinions I have matter here. There is so much to do, and it’s all important, but it’s equally important that we take time to enjoy ourselves. We don’t just have fun events, but we’re encouraged to attend and be active in those events. We work hard and we play hard.

Q: What are you most proud of?


A: I take pride in all of my work, and even on stressful days, I have fun—sometimes sneaking off for a quick bite of ice cream or taking Cooper (our Joy in Childhood Foundation's service dog) for a walk. My favorite days are when I’m facilitating our New Employee Orientation. I absolutely love getting to meet new employees, and since I had such an awesome onboarding experience, I want to ensure they do, too. Our orientation is very comprehensive, and employees walk away with an understanding of what most groups are working on, and how they’re all interconnected. I learn something new every time, as we bring in different presenters who offer unique insights. I always try to make sure the content we have is relevant and interactive, so our new employees enjoy their time. Visiting our Research & Development Lab and tasting things we’re working on is a huge plus, too, and we always end with an ice cream social that all employees are invited to!

Q: Now for some fun to get to know you a bit better. What’s currently on your Spotify playlist?

A: I love the mixes Spotify creates for you based on your listening preferences. My favorite was when my "Your Top Songs of 2018" playlist went from George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" to "Suddenly Seymour" off the Little Shop of Horrors Broadway soundtrack. I think it's a good representation of how all over the place I am when it comes to music.

Fun fact about Mikaela: "I like trying new, fun things, especially as a way to stay active. I used to do aerial silks (like in Cirque du Soliel). Currently I take tap and hip-hop dance classes. I'm not necessarily good at any of these things, but I have fun trying!"

Q: If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be and why?

A: I would without a doubt choose to have dinner with Paul McCartney (or all of The Beatles if that were an option). I've seen him three times, including once at the Royal Albert Hall in London, which was an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience that I probably spent too much money on! Listening to the stories he tells during concerts is amazing, so I can only imagine what the conversation would be like at dinner! 

Q: What is your all-time favorite book and why?

A: I love dystopian novels, particularly "1984," but right now I'm rereading the "Harry Potter" series for the third time (most of the way through "Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire" currently). "Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban" is my favorite from the series.

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