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What's the Candidate Experience Like at Dunkin' Brands?

Brandy Blackwell, Director of New Business – Delivery and Catering, shares how her experience as a candidate convinced her to join Dunkin' Brands

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In celebration of Candidate Experience Day (#CandExperienceDay2020),  we are sharing a story of how Brandy Blackwell’s experience convinced her to move away from her roots down south and head north to New England to become Dunkin’ Brands Director of New Business – Delivery and Catering in March 2019.

Brandy showing off her Dunkin' pride during a site visit to a NextGen restaurant in Compton, Calif.

Prior to joining Dunkin’ Brands, Brandy had 13 years of experience in the restaurant industry with a focus in marketing. She moved to Atlanta from Florida a few years ago for a job and was happy in the role when Dunkin’ Brands Recruiter Lori Marini reached out in December 2018. Here’s how her experience led her to Dunkin’ Brands:

Q: Why did you take the call from Dunkin’ Brands?

A: Initially, it was the brand. Boston was not the reason (laughing). … I grew up in Winter Park, Fla. and my family is in Asheville, N.C., so New England felt too far and off the grid for me. But Lori asked me terrific questions and was very easy to talk to. I liked that an internal recruiter reached out to me; it made the opportunity seem more serious. And I really liked what I heard about the company and culture.

Q: So, we have to ask, how did the call go?

A: Much like Atlanta (I had only been there a couple of years), I didn’t think New England was for me, so I politely declined Lori's invitation to interview for the role. A few weeks later, she followed up and suggested I reconsider and, at a minimum, have a call with one of Dunkin’ Brands marketing leads to learn more. Lori spoke highly of Stephanie Meltzer-Paul (Dunkin’ Brands Vice President of Digital Marketing) as a new leader in the company and said the call would take just 30 minutes. I thought to myself, “OK, what could it hurt?” Lori was very convincing during our conversations!

Q: How did the conversation with Stephanie go?

A: It went really well! Stephanie spoke a lot about the opportunity to build something from the ground up and that she was looking for someone with experience who could bring a fresh perspective to the role. It sounded like a great opportunity and I got really excited about the ability to carve out my own path and influence the landscape of what delivery and catering would look like for Dunkin' Brands. Beyond that, Stephanie spoke a lot about her experience with the company and the culture. It all sounded really appealing to me.

Q: What else during the interview process made Dunkin’ Brands feel like a fit for you?

A: The entire process was professional, but casual. I really felt like I was able to talk openly, and my ideas were well-received. The interview panel I met with was organized, asked great questions, and were each open with their experiences at the company. Everyone was kind and welcoming; it became evident to me early on that Dunkin’ Brands is a place where people live and breathe their culture, but also have a strong work-life balance. I was also impressed with the tenure and career paths of the people I met with. I believe that employee retention is fueled by the ability to move within the organization, so it was great to hear how these folks had grown their careers at Dunkin' Brands.

Q: When was the moment you knew you wanted to work at Dunkin’ Brands?

A: I was at the airport. I actually cried because it was so clear to me that I would take the job (and move to New England!) if it was offered to me. I just knew I would regret it if I passed on the opportunity.

Q: After receiving and accepting the offer (congrats!), what was the transition like moving to New England?

A: The transition up to Boston was so seamless and Dunkin’ Brands really did a great job helping me through the company’s relocation program. What really impressed me about the relocation program was that the company just didn’t give me a check and left me to figure the rest out on my own. Instead, everything from packing, moving, temporary housing, and storage was taken care of. It really felt like every aspect of my needs were being taken care of; a turn-key transition if you will. And the reimbursement was quick, which was great. They offered me a lot of flexibility and a great work-life balance while I moved and got my life situated. 

Dunkin' Brands team volunteers at Cradles to Crayons
Brandy Blackwell and her team spent time volunteering at Cradles to Crayons, a nonprofit organization in Boston that helps better the lives of children in need.

Q: What was most memorable about your first day? 

A: I remember that I had to Uber to work on the first day because I've never driven in snow (laughing). I also remember my first encounter with the fully-stocked donut, bakery, and coffee offerings in our third floor cafeteria. What a treat!

Q: Anything else about your experience you’d like to share?

A: Lori, whose job was basically done after I accepted the position, constantly reached out to me throughout the process to see how I was doing. She genuinely cared about my happiness and me as a person, not just as a candidate. She would check in to make sure I was prepared for my interviews, that my travel was good, etc. She even introduced me to another new hire who was relcoating from Chicago, so I would have a friend. It made me feel even better about my decision to go through the process and eventually come work here.

Q: Final question. What would you say to someone considering a new opportunity at Dunkin' Brands?

A: I'd say the people and culture is second to none. The company encourages employees to work hard and achieve their goals, but also offers you an opportunity to play hard with a great work-life balance. I'd say if you're ever considering an opportunity at Dunkin' Brands, take the call ... I'm sure happy I did!

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