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A Day in the Life of a Dunkin' Operations Director

Francis Ashwin
Our People

To me, there’s no better way to start the morning than with a cup of Dunkin’ Espresso with my lovely wife and a quick walk with our energetic puppy. These early moments at home help set the tone for a busy – sometimes unpredictable – workday ahead.


In my role as an Operations Director for Dunkin’, I manage my team of seven Operations Managers that serve as the liaison between Dunkin’ franchisees and the brand. Our team travels to restaurants every day to meet with franchisees and their teams. I’m energized by the constant flow of Dunkin’ coffee, our passionate franchisees, my incredible field team, and the business challenges that we encounter daily.

Before 6:00 a.m., I’m reviewing our team’s results from the day before. Then, I hit the road for restaurant visits. Experiencing a Dunkin’ during the morning rush is exhilarating. In my job, I have the unique opportunity to interact with a wide array of people who love the brand. From the franchisee, his or her restaurant crew members, and many different teams within our brand, they all operate with the goal of helping restaurants succeed and grow within their communities.

My favorite part of the job is connecting with franchisees about their vision for their businesses, what they think about programs the brand puts together, and how we can take the Dunkin’ brand to the next level. In my experience, our franchisees are second to none. Their passion is beyond anything I’ve experienced because their belief in the brand runs deep. They push every day, not just for their restaurants to do better, but for us as a system to be better. It’s very inspiring to be around this energy.

At lunchtime, you can find me sampling a menu item we’re testing in the market, sitting in my car on a conference call, or catching up over coffee with a team member who is also making restaurant visits in the area. I am fortunate to work with an extraordinary group of go-getters who are inspired by our franchisees and by our brand leadership. I see many of my colleagues in action in restaurants every day, but when we’re not together, we stay in touch through team calls, trainings, and one-on-one check-ins throughout the workday. Positions in the field give you a lot of autonomy to get your job done however you want to, but there’s a strong connection to your core team and how your work contributes to the success of the brand at large.

Another reason I love working for Dunkin’ Brands is that our organization and franchisees are deeply committed to giving back to the communities where we operate. We do this by supporting the Joy in Childhood Foundation in its mission to bring joy to sick and hungry children. I spend the occasional afternoon or evening helping at the Joy Foundation’s events at Boston-area children’s hospitals and supporting restaurant fundraising efforts. It’s a great opportunity to better understand how the philanthropic work we do can have a real impact on kids’ lives.

After a busy day in the field, I am always glad to be greeted by my dog’s wagging tail when I walk in the door. Once I take care of him, I like to relax by binge-watching Netflix shows or watching sports. Given how much time I spend on the road for work, it’s nice to kick my feet up and simply enjoy being home.

Thinking about a career in field operations? I carry my own interview experience with the company with me when I talk to candidates for roles on my team. Just as my hiring manager did, I look for a passion for results, the ability to evolve and adapt, to lead with courage, and to inspire those around them. I also ask candidates to tell me about overcoming a failure because it shows their resilience and adaptability. If that sounds like the type of company for you, then I strongly encourage you to apply!

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