Our People

At Dunkin’ Brands, we know that a great, thriving company starts with great culture and engaged employees. Whether our employees spend their days in front of a computer, in the field visiting our restaurants, or in our culinary lab, they are united by our employee value proposition: Extraordinary Brands, Extraordinary People, and the drive to make Dunkin’ Brands an incredible place to work.

We strive to create a safe, fun environment that rewards talent and hard work and provides employees with the tools they need to succeed, including training and professional development opportunities and comprehensive health and financial security benefits.

Diversity and Inclusion
At Dunkin’ Brands, we are committed to improving the diversity of our employee, franchisee and supplier base and to fostering an inclusive environment for all who come in contact with our Brand. In our last engagement survey, our employees told us they wanted more reflections of diversity and inclusion (D&I) at Dunkin’ Brands, and we have since dedicated increased resources to our D&I strategy. Our strategy is three-pronged, focused on:

  • Creating an inclusive workplace for our employees
  • Building a stronger and more diverse workforce through inclusion
  • Strengthening our position in the marketplace with a diverse franchisee base and culturally relevant marketing programs.

Dunkin’ Brands has four employee resource groups (ERGs):

  • INspire, our LGBTQ & Allies employee resource group
  • wIN, our Women’s Integrated Network
  • Our Veterans ERG
  • EMBRACE, our multi-cultural ERG

Equal Pay
Women make up 50% of our workforce, and we are committed to ensuring all of our employees are paid fairly for the work they produce. Since our last report, we conducted an internal analysis to validate pay equity across the organization, and in 2016 we made a public commitment to developing and paying women equally: we were one of the 100+ companies that signed the White House equal Pay Pledge, and we are members of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council’s 100% Talent Compact.

Diversity in Franchising
Dunkin’ Brands is committed to promoting diversity among our franchisee community. Our Diversity in Franchising Initiative, in partnership with the NAACP, seeks to increase awareness of franchising opportunities among people of color. Through this initiative, Dunkin’ Brands works with the NAACP and other partners to deliver Franchising 101 seminars to state conference leaders from across the country and have hosted hundreds of interested participants to learn more about Franchising as a business opportunity.